A streetview car named "Google".

The Google StreetView car was recently spotted by a friend of mine driving around here in Shepparton.

The Google StreetView car was recently spotted by a friend of mine driving around here in Shepparton. It was apparently a black sedan, pole camera on the roof, Google magnet logo on the door. It's unknown whether they're taking photos of the Shepparton area (which is unlikely, but would be ubercool) or whether it's just a Google employee borrowing the Google-mobile for the weekend to visit family in the region (more likely, but less interesting), but I'll be keeping an eye on Google StreetView in the future.

UPDATE: Confirmed! I was out at lunchtime visiting a client and saw the black Google car heading down the main street. What he was doing there, I still don't know.

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  1. I pass one of those cars on the way to work nearly every morning now for about a month. I was wondering what the weird thing on the roof of this car was.

    Also do not look up scientology on wikipedia weird thing pop up on the screen.

  2. I live in Narrandera NSW and spotted the car today. It was a silver small 4 door with the same camera pole and magnet sticker. The woman drive was driving up and down the streets near my work.

  3. [...] spotting the Google Street View car in Shepparton about 7 months ago, the surprisingly-complete photos of our local streets are now [...]

  4. They are taking photo's of every street in Australia, uploading them to Google maps - go to google maps, then you will see "Street View". type in your home address, if you're lucky you will see your house. Sometims the numbers of the houses don't quite match up, but hey, it's a bit cool!

    At least they took the photo of my house and yard just after we'd had a big cleanup, and done the lawns!!

  5. Murin: Same here. Luckily we'd just had our landscaping done, otherwise the world would have been able to see the muddy swamp we had before.

  6. Pictures anyone? Please take a pic next time :)

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